Welcome to my head. Thread carefully though, you know how sensitive brains and things are. Don't send me to a surgeon!


It's for you that I created this blog and It's also for me.


This space exists to share my experiences and thoughts with you with a fine blend of humor and truth. I'm here to entertain you and also have you know that you aren't alone. Nobody is. 


I began this blog to overcome laziness and write more often. It feeds the crave to share my creativity and silences the voice that says, 'you aren't doing enough'. In English, sharing my experiences leaves me feeling better!


My name is Chisimdi Nzotta. I'm a graduate of mass communication from Abia State University and I'm currently a corps member serving Nigeria my country in Akwa Ibom State.

There's nothing average about me; not my height, not my weight, not my hair, nothing.

I hope you have a great time. Subscribe here to get notifications on new posts.

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