The Men & I: He Is A Married Man!

By Chisimdi's blog - September 21, 2018

The men and I

I have a thing for good-looking men. One moment my preference is fair, tall, and masculine and then I see a thick, dark, not-so-tall gentleman with a clean haircut and I can't keep my eyes off. It's a new preference all over. No matter what the preference is at any point, 'good looking' must be on the menu.

I also have a thing for mystery men. I love men that have something about them I can't wrap my mind around. Men I don't know all there is to them, men I can't quite understand (not in a stressful way though), men that keep me wondering. This kind of men excites me. With them, there's always something new and even if not, it's never boring.

My love for good-looking men and my experience with them are quite spectacular. It's like nothing you see every day. As a result, I'll be doing a fun weekly series titled, 'The men and I' where I'll be sharing these experiences in fun ways. Names are going to be changed though. 

It'd be my pleasure to have you on this fun trip. The first episode is right below. I can not wait to read your thoughts in the comment section! Subscribe so you don't miss anything. 

NYSC in Nigeria

I had just finished from CDS three weeks ago; NYSC khaki on, foodstuffs I had just bought in a shopping bag, I started walking home. When the driver of a red car parked along the road called out 'corper,' I wasn't sure if the car was there the whole time or he stopped because of me. I hadn't been paying attention. The moment I set my eyes on him, that changed. My attention was hooked.

Man was beautiful.

He asked where I was going and offered to give me a ride after I told him. 'You can make do with a lift,' he said like someone who had said the words a thousand times before but without as much as a feigned reluctance, I hopped in.

I was yelling to myself the whole time, 'I've finally met him! My own husband!' You see, when you ask married people how they know their partner is the right person, they say something along these lines, 'I just knew'. That was exactly how I felt. I just knew he was my husband, the beautiful man.

Predominantly, I do fair men but once in a while, I don't mind if their skin is coated with charcoal. That was once in a while. His skin was dark and even, the kind poets would call 'caramel' and his haircut was neat. Nothing fancy or dramatic, just neat.

He is a married man

There was something youthful about the stranger taking me home. His eyes were beautiful. They were bright and happy and lit up whenever he talked. His lips curled in the coyest way when he smiled. He was beautiful in every way. 'Handsome' would be not saying enough.

We got into a conversation or rather, I gave him a lecture on my life history. I spilled my gut out; my name, when I'm passing out from NYSC, what course I studied and where, where I work, where I'm staying, what I went to buy in the market and what I'd be cooking. I even told him how much my rent is! I all but told him I was wearing a short inside my khaki trouser to look fuller and I didn't know even his name the whole time. I just kept going on and on. After all, he was my husband, sooner or later he'd get to know these things so why not sooner?

He was dressed like one so I asked him if he was a banker and he affirmed. The only tangible information I got from him the whole time. It didn't matter though, he was my husband. I'd know everything about him in no time.

Finally, he got to my gate with my direction and I thanked him a third time, stalling so he could ask for my number. Nothing. End of lift, conversation over, yet we both sat in the car. It seemed the same thought was running through our heads. His; how to ask for my number, mine; when he'd ask.

The men and I

He got a phone call and took it. I waited patiently. After the call, he still didn't ask. I thanked him again, the fourth time. I said I'd never thought I'd get a ride home, buying time so he'd ask. Nothing. Everything tried and no result, I opened the door slowly and said goodbye. He asked if he could stop by at any time to see me, I said he could.

'Idiot ask for the number already!' I willed him.

He started to drive away. Just when I thought it was the end, he stopped and called me, 'Here's my complimentary card, you can send me a message on Whatsapp.' Relief swept over me. Note that he didn't say I could call him, just Whatsapp. The average single guy doesn't say that do they? Well, at that point, I thought nothing of it.

The wait for him to ask for my number cured me of the infatuation a little and my pride came back. As casually as possible, I told him to give me his number rather, 'I'd call you.'

After he did, I realized I didn't know his name. He sensed my fix and said, 'Chisimdi you never asked. My name is Frank (not real name).' There was no point as I already knew he was my husband and I have no plans to save my husband's phone number with his first name. May God forbid. We bade our goodbyes and my heart was light as air.

Married man

When I was safely in and out of his sight, I flung my home training through the window and screamed to my housemates who cared to listen that I have found my husband. All of them 'cared' to listen though, I left them no choice.

This is point writers put the words that mark the evil twits. Here's mine, 'little did I know he was married.' The man got married last year but I didn't know all that then. I didn't know he just wanted to play around. I didn't know he'd say he wants to have sex with me in his car.  All I thought was, 'I've met my husband'. Poor me.

In Nollywood's handwriting, watch out for part 2!

Did you find this read interesting? Are you looking forward to the continuation or should I end the series? Let me know your take in the comment section. That's the only way I can know if you enjoyed this.

Note, everything written here is real.

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  1. Baby girl, this is a beautiful piece even though your man hunt these days tire the hell out of me. I can write a book with regards to my experience with married men. The whole thing makes marriage scary, but maybe we need to look at our parents to believe that true love exists. Meanwhile, the new face of the blog is making me feel all kinds of things. Go girl!

    1. It's scary indeed. One moment he's your husband and the next he's someone else's!

      Thank you dearie. I'm glad you like it!

  2. Replies
    1. *deletes long emotional reply and refuses to be dramatic*

      THANK YOU!

  3. Of course I did enjoy it. Seriously I'd say I can't wait for the next episode. But I'll wait. All the same.... (in angry tone) can't believe dude with the finesse and all was married and just wanted sex in a car. Please I need the full gust.

    1. LOL. I'm glad you enjoyed it. The next episode will be up by next week.

  4. U r superb in your mastery and usage of words. Hope to get the full gist soonest,am an admirer,keep it up!

    1. Thank you s much! The next episode will be up by next week.

  5. Kukuma kill me with this series ! I need to read the part two tho! You man is funny in deed!

    1. Lol. It'll be up by next week. I'm glad you like it.

  6. Wow! Nice write up I can relate to

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