Everything You Need To Know Before You Send Him Nudes

By Chisimdi's blog - November 29, 2018

When I was a child, I heard adults complain of headache and prayed for mine. It sounded so grown up to say one has headache and need some quiet and you know how we wanted to grow up so badly as kids. Now I'm an adult, I have headache occasionally and some other adult troubles I'll give anything to have go away.

Among other things, with growing up has come occasional headache, responsibilities, selective freedom, choices, etc. With adulthood has also come men! I thought from my early years and still think now that men are blessings to 'womankind' (please don't take this personally, I'm only being a writer), especially when they are bearded! 

When you find a man your heart goes out to and his to you, you can barely contain it. You'd want to keep the ball rolling, you'd want to submit to his every whim and you'd want everything to only get better. Whatever happens, whatever you do, whatever you feel you are feeling and for whatever reason; love, money, commitment, spontaneity, never send him your naked pictures. In slay English, never send him your nudes!

Here's why;

Everything you need to know before you send him your nudes

You May Regret It 

I tell you dearie, in a year's time or even less, you probably won't be feeling as lovey-dovey about the whole thing as you are now. You may not be thinking then that it's not a big deal as you are now. You may not be in the same state of mind that you are now, then what next? I'll tell you.

You'll feel bad and embarrassed. You'd wonder what he really thinks about you. You'd be embarrassed around him and you'd beat yourself up about it wondering what you were thinking. Tell you what you were thinking? Nothing. You were not thinking because if you were, you wouldn't have done it.

Again, that body you are sending him now may not look so banging to you in the future when your eyes and head have cleared, when you look even better. But then, there'd be no going back. You've already clicked the send button. Nudes have already been sent to him. 

Everything you need to know before you send him your nudes

You'd regret it. You'd think of ways to retrieve it. Visit him and ask him for his phone? Get his friend to delete it? You may even think of sending people to rob him but that's where it'd all end. You'd think and regret but that only can you do.

He Could Blackmail You

This here happens all the time. He may not look to you like that kind of person but nobody looks like that kind of person. Man could blackmail you and baby girl, that shit is scary as fuck. If care is not taken, it could mess up your life. It is not worth it. It is not even almost worth it.

You like your peace? Waking up without panic attacks, scrolling lazily through your phone for social media feeds, eating whatever, going where ever and saying whatever without fear or favor? Living your life without having to explain shit to anybody? Walking the streets without getting weird stares? When he blackmails you, those would be luxuries you won't be able to afford. Prevent it before it happens.

It Could Get Into The Wrong Hands

Even if everything goes well and you don't regret it nor does he try to blackmail you, it could get into the wrong hands unintended. Keeping nudes in your phone without sending it to anyone is risky. Sharing it is even riskier.

A hundred and one things could go wrong. Friends could send it to their phones. He could mistakenly send it to someone. His phone could even get stolen. Then what? Blackout. The end. Goodbye to peace of mind. 

He'll Always Have it

Everything you need to know before you send him your nudes

After you send him your nudes, that's it. You'd have no control of what happens afterwards. Not where it goes, not what he does with it, not who he shows and definitely not how long he keeps it.

If at any point you change your mind, nothing changes. He'll still have it and do with it whatever. Be sure to know he won't be in a hurry to delete it. 

He Most Probably Won't Send You His

Ever heard of a man whose nude pictures got leaked? Jay-Z? Banky W? Kelechi Amadiobi? Or perhaps Lai Mohammed? No? Me neither! I'm very sure we can count on ten fingers and more, female celebrities who we can draw their nipples with our eyes closed because of their leaked nudes online. Of course, I'm not saying since the beginning of time, a man's nude hasn't gotten into the wrong hands. I'm only saying it rarely ever happens.

 Everything you need to know before you send him your nudes

I don't know about you but I like receiving what I give. That man who's asking for your nudes most probably can't send you his. Well, except for a picture of his veiny erect penis guarded by a thick forest of hair.

You, on the other hand, want to present to him a full image of you trying so hard (and failing) to recreate the model poses you see on the cover of Vogue magazine. There's nothing more pathetic.

He won't do that for you. He's smart like that.

You Could Be President

You could be president, no jokes. 

We may tolerate a president that has dual citizenship between our country and another and can barely keep his ass at home. We may tolerate a president that comes and leaves us worse than we have ever been. We may even tolerate a president that's older than the country but one whose naked picture is the wallpaper of every smartphone? Nah, we'll pass on that. 

Everything you need to know before you send him your nudes

But seriously you could want a position tomorrow or want to venture into something really serious and that kind of thing could make you lose it. Your image is everything, guard it with your life. Well, maybe not your life but guard it nevertheless.

That's everything (and a little more) you need to know before you send him your nudes. Still want to do it?

Do you have any thought on this read or is there something you think I'm leaving out? Let's converse in the comment section below!

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