Freelancing, Rats And Everything I’ve Been Up To!

By Chisimdi's blog - July 15, 2019

What do I even say now? I’m back? Who missed me? How have you been? What exactly? Truth is, all those will suffice for things I want to say but I’ve been away for so long, I don’t even know what’s proper anymore. If this were a house, there’d be so much dust and cobwebs in here, and maybe even rats. Ugh! How I hate rats. I remember a joke that says, if I found a rat in my house, I’d abandon it and get another house. That would have been me if money hasn’t been giving me the chase of my life. I deviate. Rats. When I was a kid, a rat gave me such a scare that I almost had a heart attack. Thank God for adulthood.

I’ve been adulting so much in the past weeks, I’ve almost abandoned my blog. At points when I began to think I had finally gotten it, I missed it again and started anew. This adulthood business should have been an option like MTN caller tunes. To grow up, press 1. To remain a kid and safely torment older people with your needs, press 2. It should have always been 2 for me.

What I've been up to? Majorly freelancing and applying for tons of jobs. I’ve been writing for clients I’m so thankful for and at the same time, hunting for a proper full-time job so I can have enough money to own a house I can abandon because I found a rat in it. (Be nice. This is where you throw back your head and laugh at my sense of humor abi you want me to go back to my hiatus?).

Freelancing isn’t the easiest, but at the same time, it isn’t the hardest. Some days, I can’t decide what’s proper to charge. Another thing is, I work from home, so it doesn’t always dawn on me that I have work to do till it’s almost late and I have to work to a deadline. Sometimes, I have so much work, they almost choke me and other times, I can’t remember what it feels like to work because there is no client in sight.

I also get contacted by clients who raise my hopes high and disappear into the air at the same speed they came. They ask for work samples, they say they like them and are willing to work with me long term. They tell me what they want and sometimes, give me something similar to read up and have an idea. It’s all going well, and I stop everything I’m doing and give my undivided attention. Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, abracadabra, they are gone. No more messages and they don’t reply those I send them. These ones are straight from hell, and I imagine the devil told them impromptu that he’s about to close the gate and they have to return quickly. They are my greatest nightmare.

Then there are the crazy ones. Once, I got contacted to write a short story by one. Very eager to understand exactly what the client wants because it’s easier for us that way, I ask, ‘what’s the gender of the main character?' and the client replies, ‘yes’. Thinking he didn’t get me, I ask again, ‘Is the main character male or female?’ and he replies, ‘both’. I was in stitches.

Some think you are a magician. They want you to build them an ark, get all the creatures inside, and also stop the flood. And you know what, they aren’t even willing to pay well enough for all of that. The sweet ones only want to know what you think the ark should be painted, pay well enough for it and even tip you on top. These ones are a dream come true. Bless them.

Maybe I should do a proper post about the type of clients entrepreneurs meet. Tell me in the comment section if you want that. That’s basically what I’ve been up to. I’ve also been sending out applications for jobs. I check my mail first thing every day. Hopefully, I’ll get that dream mail soon. Till then, I can’t stop trying, can I?

Meanwhile, I’d also love to know how you are doing and what you have been up to. I’ll be in the comment section hoping to find out. I hope you are better now than the last time you read me. I’ll be here more often. Thank you for not giving up on this.

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  1. How is it that I can relate to everything in this post? Welcome back dear, we have missed you.

  2. Ya baby..... Keep writing...u will soon write ur way to fame.

  3. Hi boo, nice piece.
    Well, I guess nothing have changed with me. Just trying to survive, it's difficult but we just have to keep pushing.

  4. Nice piece dear,have missed you though,hope to see more of you now,greatness awaits you.

  5. nice article my dear keep on