Here’s The Only Reason You Should Beg For Love

By Chisimdi's blog - April 08, 2019

Sell your properties, disown your mother, swim in the water beneath Lagos mainland bridge, tell your pastor to shut up in the middle of a sermon, get killed by SARS, do anything for love but one thing; beg.

When it comes to love, there are no laid down rules. What works in one case, most probably won’t work in another. You just have to use your head and trust your instincts but there are things your head and instincts joined together won’t tell you and for that, you need a love doctor and that is where I come in. Lol! Have you guys noticed how funny I have become lately? I should probably dump blogging and kickstart my comedy career, no?

Apart from being pathetic, it gives the person whose love you are begging for the feeling that they have settled for less. It gives them the feeling that they have been cheated and they deserve better. Have you ever gone to buy something in the market and for instance, they say it’s selling for 5000naira. You price 4500naira and the seller agrees to sell it for that price immediately. As it was too easy, you realize that you made a bad bargain. You start to think that you have been cheated, that you are paying too much for it, that you should have priced lower. You know that feeling? That’s the same way the other person feels when you beg for their love.

It makes them think, ‘Am I too good for this person?’ ‘Didn’t I make a mistake?’ ‘Shouldn’t I be aiming higher?’ There’s no way they’d appreciate your love or properly reciprocate when they are feeling that way.

In case you don’t know what it means, begging for love is being there when the other person obviously isn’t. It is demanding for attention and affection and not letting it come naturally. It’s desperately trying to please them when they obviously aren’t into it. Going out of your way to prove to them that they should love you is begging for love. You are a love beggar if you act like your oxygen will be cut off without them when they act like they’d breath better without you. Begging for love is being clingy and needy. Begging for love is knowing that you both are not on the same page but still pushing it. Begging is a waste of affection. Begging for love is sad and pathetic. It is loser behavior.

The only reason why you should beg for love is if you are a loser.

If they aren’t returning your love and affection, if they aren’t on the same page with you, if they act like you both aren’t in your league, if they aren’t into you, if they are having shaky feet, if you are chasing after them and they are running, do not push it. Let them be. Cry if you have to but let it go. Maybe not immediately, but with time, you’d be glad you took that decision.

You are strong. You are amazing. You are a winner. You are a fighter. You are everything you want to be and I’m sure ‘loser’ isn’t one of them. Say no to loser behavior then.

The only reason you should beg for love is if you are a loser. Only then should you stoop very low, probably on your knees and properly beg.

Let me know your thoughts on this in the comment section as always!

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  1. Not a relationship person, but I agree with you. Love should come naturally, you shouldn't beg for it at all.

  2. Nice piece, Chisimdi...I didn't know you write so well...

  3. This is awesome, begging for love will make d other person think u are desperate..

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