Introducing The 'On My Way To Work' Series!

By Chisimdi's blog - September 18, 2019

It’s another series, guys! Let’s go to work together every week! The first trip is below!

I’m wearing a patterned shirt tucked into blue jeans and probably an extra knicker to save my ass from looking like the tablet Moses wrote the Ten Commandments on.

I take my time to wake late, makeup and look for my bra I can swear I hung in the wardrobe last night. Immediately I walk out of the gate, somehow, it’s only then it dawns on me that I’m late. My moves will make the speed of light jealous. I even run. 

I wave down the nearest bike and hop in like the bad guy being chased by cops in a movie. In the junction I'm headed, it somehow feels like everybody is staring at me. I thought it was the white hair, but now I’ve gone black, what could it be? Is it all in my head? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe.

I always think of putting my hand around the neck of whichever stranger I’m sitting next to in the bus and resting my head on their shoulder. Sometimes the urge is so strong, I almost do it. 

With the corner of my eye, I size up my neighbor; a dark man wearing a black suit, probably in his early 40s. He’s on the phone going, ‘do not ever come to my house when I’m not around! Are you hearing me? Don’t try it again! Don't you dare’ For the first time, I don’t feel like resting my head on anyone’s shoulder. My neck is doing a good job holding it.

I begin to write this. I’ll wait to see if anything peculiar happens before I get to work. Waiting...

Something does. We get stopped by LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Authority). They forcefully take over the steering from the driver and tell us all to get down. The driver and conductor keep asking, ‘Wetin we do? Tell us. Wetin we do?’

Everybody gets down. About three passengers try to find out what the driver did. Not me. I’m almost at the bus stop, so I walk the rest of the way, away from the drama and closer to work. I take the final bus to my destination.

I’m late.

Do you just go straight to work or do you fight tigers and lions just like me? Let's talk in the comment session till next week Wednessday; our next trip to work!

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