Are You Your Val's Val?

By Chisimdi's blog - February 14, 2020

Valentine's day is finally here, and it's all that's been talked about . WhatsApp statuses, Facebook, Twitter, everywhere! Now, I just roll my else when I see these posts.

This is not to be a killjoy, but it is necessary to know if the person you want to share Valentine's day with feels the same way. Does your lover think you are theirs too or are you on the boat alone? Are you your val's val?

Find out now.

You alone are making all the plans

Who's making plans for valentine? You both or just you? If you both are silent about it and are making different surprise plans for each other, that is adorable. But if you both are supposed to do something together on Valentine's day, and you are the only one making plans, that is a red sign.

If you are truly their val, they have to be as involved as you are. Even if they are busy or don't have as much money as you do, they can discuss the plans with you, act interested and see that things are going as planned.

If they brush it off while you carry it on your head like gala, think again about the whole affair. Unless of course, Valentine's day is not a big deal for you both.

2. They go AWOL on Valentine's day

You both have a great relationship going. You are so attached, it feels like you are Siamese twins. When you see cute couple videos on Instagram, you think of them. You do all those cool stuff couples do and have no real problem. However, on valentine's day, abracadabra! They vanish! They either pick a fight, something suddenly comes up, or they just aren't there. No reason.

Well, your val might have gone to be with their real val. You'll get them back after valentine's day.

3. They want to keep your relationship too private 

There is nothing wrong with wanting a private relationship. It is only wrong when it is too private, or they are out there acting single. I can explain.

If your relationship is so private nobody knows apart from you two, it is too private. Something is wrong. Even if your lover doesn't want to post your relationship on social media, how about telling their friends or family? And why do they stop you from telling yours? Why are they hiding you like you are drugs? They probably don't want their true val to find out about you.

Also, if they are acting single in the guise of being private about the relationship, it is a red sign. Pepper red. It can only mean that if it's female, she is talking to you, Dami, Tunde, Emeka, Akin and Tony at the same time. If it's male, he is talking to Amaka, Tosin, Farida, and Jane along with you. He or she is community property. They don't belong to you alone.

There are times you are not allowed to call them

You can not randomly pick up your phone and call bae. 'Haven't I told you I have a headache by 9 pm and don't like taking phone calls? I don't pick calls at night. I don't want to wake my neighbour's grand daughter's dog. I've told you I don't like talking so early in the morning. Call me by noon…'

The excuses are endless. Is it truly what they say it is? Well, their time is probably rationed between you and someone else, and it is the person's turn. Do not disturb.

5. They have cheated on you in the past 

Once a cheat, always a cheat, most of the time. If they cheated in the past, chances are, they will do it again. Raise your guard double as high.

6. You are more into the relationship than they are

You do most if not all of the calling. You reach out more than they do. You are the one who always says, 'let's talk about it,' You are the one always apologising (this doesn't count if you are always doing the wrong things). You make all the effort and are always begging for their love. Well, you know it already. You don't need this article to tell you. You are not your val's val.

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