#BbNaija Review: You Should Learn From Bright

By Chisimdi's blog - August 05, 2020

Big Brother Naija Season 5 started sixteen days ago, and unsurprisingly, it has been all the rave. The housemates have been giving us the drama we signed up for, with viewers reacting on social media.

In the show,there are challenges, games, tasks, etc, and the eviction show, which is a kind of highlight. So far, two housemates Lilo and Katrina have been evicted.

You see, I have been keeping up with the BBNaija show and will be doing a review of the show, as often as I can. The angle of my review will be the lessons. There is so much to learn from the BBNaija show, even though a lot of people don’t agree. I’ll be sharing some of these lessons with subsequent posts. The first one is below, enjoy!

First lesson; you have to stand for something to win.

There’s a saying that, if you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything.

See the way people were making jokes about the housemate  Bright at the beginning? What was he not called? What meme did he not appear in? Pastor! Evangelist! Etc.

He was just there. He always appeared clueless or deep in thoughts. He was dull, didn’t speak much. Lacked vibe and energy and came off as bland and boring; like white rice without stew or sauce.

The Big Brother Naija show is always about drama and the housemates showing their interesting personalities. With him there was nothing like that.

By the time he started being involved consistently, the narrative changed. He started giving the BBNaija housemates relationship advice. He encouraged them to shoot their shots and was a match marker of some sorts. He began to put ideas in their heads and even advised two people separate to go for one person. He advised Laycon, Wathoni, Tolani, Eric, 

People now see him as a manipulator and mastermind, and some tweeps are even calling him Lord Belish.

Are there still jokes about him? Yes, but more in the positive light. People are now enjoying his personality, and he has gained relevance. He is now the grand schemer. Even though his personality can be seen as slimy and manipulative, the BBNaija viewers find him interesting.

What’s the point here? You have to align with something, good or bad. Don’t be just there. Be hot, or cold, but not lukewarm. Yes, being lukewarm is safe, but there is so much you are missing out on.

Stand for something, and be consistent with it. Have a grand strategy. Does this mean you won’t do other things? No! 

Better to be known for one thing than nothing at all.

Do you watch the big brother Naija show? Who is your favourite housemate? 

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