May We Age Well!

By Chisimdi's blog - April 22, 2016

  • I can't say I have a great memory but there are some childhood memories that have stuck like chewing gum on hair.

I walked up to my mother one afternoon and asked her,
'Mummy, how old am I?'
She momentarily left what she was doing (which I can't
remember) and replied casually.
'Six. You are six years old.'
Instantly I felt like the whole world had fallen on my head.
'How long will I be six years old?'
I asked my mother waiting for her to realize her mistake and make amends. She just stared at me obviously confused about what the problem was.
I stormed out wondering how my own mother could be so
mean as to refuse to make me grow, her own child.
Well, now am 20, am not in a hurry anymore. The figures don't
make us bigger, I have realized, but our actions, attitude and
achievements. I could say my birthday this month helped me figure this out. May we age well!

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