I Thought I Was Great In English!

By Chisimdi's blog - October 16, 2016

So this is how it all began. One sunny day, I decided to let this guy take me out on a date. When he came to pick me from where I was, he wound down the tinted glass of his car and asked me to hop in. Wearing a black sequin gown that matched the grim appearance of the metallic sports car, I entered gently.
Okay, let's start afresh. That was the movie version. Here's the real version. This guy asked me out on a date and came with a keke (tricycle) and beckoned me to enter. As soon as I was comfortably seated, off we went!
After some 'little talks', I decided to try something I always heard in movies when the rich guy drives the lady off without telling her where to. Naija babes don't carry last na.
"Where are we heading to?"
He smiled and asked, "Which department did you say you are in?"
Suspecting nothing, I replied, "Mass Communication"
"Do you people study English?"
Wow! He must be very impressed, I thought and did a high five with my sub-conscious mind.
"Well," I began trying to sound as poise as possible. "We study English but it isn't what we major in."
"Okay. You should know that there is nothing like 'Where are we heading to?' It's 'Where are we headed?' "
I died.
WTF! He had to ask me all these just to correct my grammar and I was there feeling he was impressed. Some brothers are harsh.
Believe me, I didn't say a word again till we got to our destination!

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