My Lagos Trip

By Chisimdi's blog - October 22, 2017

"Why are you acting like a village girl going to the city for the first time? It's just Lagos o."

I pretended I didn't hear my sister as I repacked my bag the 9th time in one morning. Everything was in order, or so I thought. Then with the speed of lightning, it hit me. My toothbrush! I didn't pack it in. As I was about to make a dash for the forgotten life saver, I decided against it and made a mental note to buy one when I get there instead.

"Let's go. The driver is waiting downstairs."

It was my mum. I checked my makeup one last time and followed her downstairs. My siblings tagged along with the bags. With everything loaded into the car, farewells bidden, and rumpled naira notes quickly slipped into palms so my mum won't notice, we began our journey to Owerri. My flight to Lagos was scheduled at 12:45pm but we left Umuahia for Owerri at exactly 9:30am. We didn't want stories that touch.

It was my first time flying and I was prepared not to give myself away. Long before the trip, in Google and YouTube, I found great friends. I learnt about everything. From knowing my sit number to fastening my seat belt. I even learnt how to use the lavatory facilities! So you see, I thought nothing could go wrong. Well, what do I know?

Immediately the plane took flight, I felt like my head was going to explode. Then my eyes began to spin. I was going to lose consciousness, I knew it. I made an attempt to signal the flight attendant but my strength failed me. My neighbor noticed my struggle and helped me lean completely on my seat and not bend over as I previously did. It helped. I felt better. Everything became normal again.

"Thank you," I said smiling and taking him in at the same time. He looked prime and neat and well, rich! He didn't have the looks to take one's breath away or any of that but his face made me want to keep smiling.

"Oh, it's nothing! I guess it's your first time," he said smiling.

Something about the way his lips curved made me want to lean over and touch his face. I didn't want him to stop showing me those white sexy things. I forgot all about the shobri shobri English I planned to speak to anyone who dared talk to me on board and replied in the calmest voice I've ever spoken in.

"Yes, it's my first time."

"Wow. Then you are not doing too bad."

Brief pause.

"My name is Tobi. Tobi Johnson. I came to the east two days ago to see my daughter. It was her visiting day yesterday."

"Wow. I was thinking... eh... Well eh... I mean you kind of look single."

"Oh," he chuckled. "I'm single. Had her when I was really young. In secondary school actually."

"I see."

"Her mother is married now." He added quickly as if to reassure me.

"You haven't told me your name."

"I'm Chisimdi. I doubt you can pronounce that so call me 'Simdi."

"Okay. Cyndy. So what's taking you to Lagos?"

"Well, I have... ."

Is he getting closer? No am just imagining it. No. Yes. Yes. He is. He's actually leaning closer. Oh my God. There's no way am kissing him. We just met and...  .Why is he stopping halfway? A kiss has never hurt anyone. Okay. He's coming closer. Maybe I should close my eyes. No, I won't close my eyes, I may miss something or worse he may think I've fallen asleep. He has closed his eyes. I should close mine too.

I felt someone tap me.

"Chisi, It's almost 7 o'clock. You'll miss the first bus."

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  1. Nice one dear. Love the creativity!

  2. Wow!! U are a literary genius. U take it up a notch each tym.. Great piece dear

  3. Having this evanescence of sadness. Can't stop smiling 😊

  4. ��������😂😂😂

  5. Hahahaha �� �� �� ��
    Heygawd! You really got me there...
    Nice one love ❤...
    Great creativity...
    You see why I love ❤ you???

  6. Oh meh anoth hot creative one

  7. LoL. This geh sef. Nice one.

    A kiss won't hurt shey? Don't worry...