NYSC Tales; So Far So Bad

By Chisimdi's blog - May 29, 2018

I was looking very good yesterday and was aware of it. Makeup on fleek, bob wig not falling hands, khaki jacket tightly secured around  the waist so there'd be no telling how horribly the  trouser fits, I strode off to Akwa Ibom State.

Isn't it a pity that good looks can't get one a good day? I had the baddest day in the history of bad days.

It was my first time wearing my NYSC uniform out and strangers smiling at me and occasionally calling out 'corper shun' to me was new and kinda flattering. A few helped me find my way around. I wasn't sure if it's the people of Uyo that are just very nice or it's the corper charm but whatever it was felt good.

When I got to the office of the radio house where I was posted as my place of primary assignment, they redirected me to their radio station. Disappointed but still hopeful, I 'reversed' and headed to their station. 

4 kekes and 1 wrong route later, I got to a junction I had to take a bike. Boy, it felt like we were going to Nollywood's famous evil forest. Bush, severe erosion, stream, bush, more bush, pathway, bush, name it, we passed them all. If someone at their office earlier hadn't warned me I'll pass bushes on my way there, I would have thought I was being kidnapped (though such kidnapper would have been at a great loss).

When we finally got there, I heaved a mighty sigh of relief. The receptionist, a pretty lady in a 'not so serious looking' corporate outft, was very friendly. She asked how my ride was and chuckled when I told her I almost thought I was being kidnapped. She apologetically asked me to wait for the Human Resources Manager who she said was in a meeting and collected my posting letter.

While I waited I thought. I really want to work in a media house but this isn't exactly what I have in mind. Where will I live? Will I go through this journey on a daily? How much will they pay? Will they let me rebrand their social media pages that look a mess? How will I cope with it so far away from town?  So I contemplated, I take the job, I take it not, I take it, I take it not, I ta... .

The receptionist interrupted my thoughts. The HRM is out of the meeting. She's sorry, they don't need corpers for now. ChoiThere I was  thinking of what choice to make when there  was no choice at all. She handed me back my posting letter and 'REJECTED' in all caps stared back at me eye to eye, unflinching.

I said alright as causally as I could and waited while she called a bikeman to come pick me. I resisted the urge to look at the letter again as it felt like if I did, the disappointment I was trying hard to hide would show.

Back to the junction for half the money I paid to get there, I took a keke to the town, went into the nearest shop and bought a very chilled drink. One thing led to another and I found out the state broadcasting station, AKBC was just 50naira away. It was almost 4pm so I decided to rush and find out if they were still taking corpers. In my hurry, I forgot to take  my balance.

I was told at AKBC they've already gotten  as much corpers as they need. Now, I was very irritable. The 'coper shun' business became very annoying and I wanted to scream to anyone who called out to me, 'Leave me alone! Stop coper shuning me!!'

What was left from the money I began the day with wasn't even enough to take me home. At the motor park, I borrowed money from a guy in the bus and made a mobile transfer to him.

I got home by past 8pm tired, hungry and frustrated. No one has ever had a worse day. I deserve some accolade!

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  1. 😯😯 maybe I'll look like a sadist if I say i enjoyed the write up, because i shouldn't be laughing at people's misfortunes lol. But that's a good read.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. How come an ugly day birthed such a beautiful story? Guess life is what we make of it.

  4. Aww... No worries dear. Whichever door opens for you will be the right one. By the way... it was such a beautifully captivating piece you dropped. Nice one. Keep it up.