Monday Motivation: Get It Done!

By Chisimdi's blog - June 04, 2018

I hold a titled position in World Procrastination Association (WPA) and an even higher one in World Sleepers' Club (WSC). LOL.

Sleep and procrastination come naturally to me in ways that bother me. Had I been with Jesus and other disciples in the troubled sea boat trip in the Bible, I would have slept it through. That's if I didn't procrastinate the trip anyway.

Even though I don't say it out aloud, 'later' has become my favourite word.

I don't think there are better life ruining habits than these. When one can't get things done when they should be, only very little can be achieved.

I risk sounding like a preacher to say, in your case, it could be fear, laziness, past failure, not knowing how or any reason whatsoever that's stopping you from getting things done. Well, here's how I've been dealing with my demons. Come along let's win together!

1. Know What Should Be Done And When

Before you can get anything done, you must clearly and consciously know what it is you want to get done. A college degree? An assignment? A personal development target? Weight loss or gain? Or merely getting the dishes done? Know what it is and when it should be ideally done. This way, you will be mentally aware there's work to be done and conscious of the deadline.

2. Decide How It Should Be Done

It's time now to decide the method you want to adopt in getting it done. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, they say. If it's a college degree for instance, how do you make money for the fees? Which college do want to get the degree? How do you pass the admission exams? Etc.

After you've become fully cognizant of what should be done and when it should be now, decide how.

3. Outline What Could Stop You

If in the past you haven't been doing things you should and your life is slowly becoming a mess, something(s) must have been stopping you. What is (are) it(they)?

For me, it's procrastination and sleep. Applying what I've said, after I know what I want to do and when and decided how I want to do it, what could most probably stop me is too much sleep or procrastination.

You know yourself more than you know. Search deeply, you'll know what could most probably stop you. Know however, what could stop you from getting one task done could be different from what could stop you from getting another done. The nature of a task sometimes determines the hindrance.

4. Deal with it

Some pastors will say, stop what's stop you. It's time now to deal with what could stop you. Now's time to fight.

For me, I give myself prep talks beforehand. I tell 'me', I alone decides what happens in my life and it can only be what I want and what I let. I'm in charge of my life, fully and nothing can take over that position, not sleep(S) and not procrastination(P) either.

This and other things I tell myself have a  way of charging me to do what's right. It feels like there's a challenge between me and S&P and I battle to win. I say I'm in charge, I must act the part.

Know what could stop you and deal with it. You must show no mercy.

5. Get It Done!

Talk is cheap. Shu! Shu!! Now go get it. As a boss of mine would say, 'quickly!'.

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  1. Yes girl! We gotta do what we gotta do this year.
    Gift Wogu