5 Reasons Why Linda Ikeji Is The Butt Of Jokes After Explaining Her Pregnancy

By Chisimdi's blog - December 15, 2018

Yesterday, Nigerian blogger and media entrepreneur, Linda Ikeji took to Instagram to share pictures of her son Jayce, the first set to hit the internet ever since he was born three months ago. 

Accompanied with the picture was a caption revealing the identity of her baby daddy, the speculated Sholaye Jeremi; a Nigerian billionaire businessman who is rumored to be married. 

The 37-year-old also made a post on her blog explaining her relationship with her baby daddy and the situation surrounding her pregnancy. She added that ‘he and I are a completely closed chapter’.

Well, ever since her revelation, Nigerian social media users especially Twitter users have been having a field day making a jest of her and accusing her of everything but the death of Jesus. Some have called her proud, some have said she’s a hypocrite and there are those of the opinion that, life has caught up with her as according to them, she bashed baby mamas in the past.

The media girl wrote in the post that ‘she fell pregnant’ supposedly in a bid to justify taking in out of wedlock and another set of trolling is coming from that angle. A condom brand has even wittingly picked the line from her post and made an advert out of it. 

Here are five reasons the blogger became a joke because of the post;

Explaining in the first instance and doing it wrongly 

I’m a firm believer of not judging so you won’t be judged. I also believe that if you do not affect me directly, I owe you no explanation about my life or how I choose to live it. The reason why my hair is currently dyed and half the time, there is one thing or the other going on with my look and I do not care about what anyone thinks. Well, unless you are my parents or my employer whose opinion I ignore sometimes. 

This is why it came as a surprise to me that a grown ass successful woman like Linda Ikeji will attempt to explain and justify her reasons for getting pregnant out of wedlock. It is what it is girl, you’ve been having sex with someone you aren’t married to and you have a baby to show for it. What’s the point of trying to paint it white when there’s no need to even paint it at all?

Linda told the story trying to appeal to our emotions, to get us to understand, to get us to stop judging and perhaps to get us to forgive. What kind of major crap is that? It’s a no for me when people make decisions for their lives and begin to explain why they did it, especially when they are playing smart with the explanation. If it’s for the secondary school girls that you are explaining as you say, by all means, read it to them in the school assembly, or better still, attach it to their end of year newsletter! It’s none of our business as long as it doesn’t affect us directly. Her explanation does not even change what anyone thinks about her! If anything, it has made people think worse about her and given them more reasons to judge. Most of the people she wants to be in their good books are worse than she is! I'm not saying she's bad, I'm only saying, 'don't give people such power over you.'

This is why they are making a fool of her. There was no point explaining especially as it came out as a slimy attempt to buy approval. 

She ‘fell’ pregnant

C’mon now what does it even mean to fall pregnant. Was it a typo? Was it for lack of better words? Was it because her emotions were so deep and different she decided to use words that haven’t been used before to capture it? Or was it because it was such a slippery day, she slipped and fell into the pregnancy? I mean, how do you ‘fall’ pregnant? Just how? This is what the average person is thinking about that.

She wrote, ‘Then I fell pregnant. It wasn’t planned, it just happened; though we talked about having a child together before I fell pregnant...’ Her repetition shows it wasn’t a typo. 

Even though it's grammatically correct to say one fell pregnant, in this case, it appears she’s trying to say it just happened, it wasn’t her intention, it was slippery, she fell, her case is not as bad as those who didn’t slip and fall, those who did it intentionally. Or could she mean something else? I’d never know but this is one of the major reasons why the people of social media have gotten a new comic line, at least for the next couple of months

What she stands for

Linda Ikeji is a blogger, the most successful in Nigeria and to be so successful, you have to get it right and to get it right you have to speak the truth. You have to touch areas that other blogger are so afraid to touch because there is a long queue of ass they have to kiss.

She knows her onion when it comes to journalism and that includes offending some people by writing about them in a not so good light (because you have to give your audience the truth or the closest thing to it) and also offending those who do not understand that as a journalist, that is what her job is. That is how you remain at the top. Writing without fear or favor even about those that are up above the cloud so high.

In Linda’s bid to make a living, she has written about a lot of people and baby mamas were not left out. She has offended one too many people (which is inevitable because of her job) and of course, the internet never forgets. Now that she is in those same shoes, the vultures are only too ready to devour. She’s been in every body’s business well except mine (I still never blow after all these years because, village people) and everyone is only too ready to make a joke of her situation. She's been accused of shaming baby mamas and now she's one, they've come for her. 

Linda has also in the past preached modesty, young girls not giving themselves to men. She has attempted without success to explain her stance on this after she got pregnant. According to her, she never asked young girls to be celibate but only said they shouldn’t have multiple sexual partners and sleep with men for money. This damage control step hasn’t really controlled any damage. People still accuse her of preaching celibacy, deceiving young girls and being a hypocrite and they aren’t about to forgive.

They are some of the leaders of the pack making a joke of her.

Playing the victim

Most of what Linda was saying in the post is she hasn’t been having sex for years before she met her baby daddy and doesn’t have sex casually, he acted like he was going to marry her but he ended up not coming through, he’s the reason the affair didn’t work, she fell pregnant, he didn't support her most of her pregnancy stage, she’s a decent girl, people have accused her of what she didn’t say concerning the celibacy thingy, she tried to make things work (spends two whole hours in traffic when visiting him) etcetera. 

Every paragraph, every sentence she played the victim. She did no wrong, all the wrong was done to her. She needs to be pitied, she needs us to see all she had to go through, she needs us to understand and take her back. 

Even though she could be saying the truth, why do most women always do this, play the victim? Well, Nigerians didn’t buy this and that’s why they are making a joke of her.

Nigerians aren’t particularly in love with women who are successful and unmarried 

Let’s face it, it’s not our thing in Nigeria (and Africa generally) to applaud women who we think are of age to marry and are still not. It has to be a fault of hers for not reaching this necessary ‘success’ every woman should. She’s either has a bad character, or she has become too independent for the men to have any real interest in her, or she has wasted her time till she is now too old or even because she sleeps around. It has to be her fault. The society frowns at women who aren't married especially when it seems like they won't be bothered about marriage. Without a man who has agreed to do you the honor of giving you his surname and have you bound by marriage, you have achieved nothing, culture says. 

This is the narrative and anyone who dares to break it is not accepted, a rebel. Linda is single and mega-successful and a lot of people hate her for this. For some women, how dare she do what they are too afraid to even dream of? For the men, how can she be so above them, how dare she shatter their ego? For the society, how dare she attempt to change the narrative, be so successful without a man?

Because of this, Linda is not a favorite of many and it’s a not shock that anything that puts her in a bad light is welcome with open hands and ridicule.

I'd love to read your thoughts about this in the comment section!

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