Skinny Girl Problems: Fashion!

By Chisimdi's blog - April 04, 2019

If there are a hundred posts on the internet about weight problems, 99 focuses on weight loss and the one that's about weight gain asks you (towards the end of the post) why in the world you are bothered about gaining weight. "Your skinny is perfect," it says, "Everybody wants to be like you girl!"

You think skinny girls have no problem and are living the life of your dreams? You think we are lucky and nature cheated on the rest of you guys? Stay with me on this post.

I've been skinny all my 23 years (plus 9 months in the womb) on earth and I'm one of those people you meet after many years and exclaim, "Jesus! You've not changed!" I rarely ever add weight. Scratch that, I never add weight. I've never weighed up to 60kg and I'm over 5ft8. You get the point now, no? Some of my pictures are below for more effect:

Now you are sure I'm talking from a professional angle, here are some of our (my)  fashion concerns:

Collar bones

Ugh! These are a bother, especially if they are as pronounced as mine. You can store water in there in readiness for drought. Collar bones are beautiful in magazines, pictures and all. There are even some looks you can't properly slay if those neck bones aren't sticking out and you might have to use makeup to enhance them. Other times, (read most times), you just want to abracadabra the bones away.

I go out of my way to cover them. It makes you look a kind of way. It screams, "fleshless! all bones! haven't eaten" and as a result,  there are some clothes I just have to avoid wearing. Mine are super pronounced probably because I have broad shoulders.

What we can wear when it comes to revealing the neck, shoulders and even back is limited. Skinny girls look good in everything is a myth!

Ass Does Not Exist!

This is no figure of speech. Our butt practically isn't in existence! It's table flat, gone, not there, a mystery, naturally ghosted on us!

No way in the word we want to be caught in clothes that further enhances this 'handicap'. You'd never see me in a skinny trouser and a top that's not long enough to cover my butt. I go for tops that are long enough to cover my butt in times like that and trousers that don't cling to my butt when I'm wearing a small top and big clothes generally.

Legs Are Too Skinny For Shorts 

Our legs are as skinny as the pen I wrote the draft of this post with, if not skinnier. You can keep us in the same place you keep shorts or super short skirts/ gowns. They are safe, we won't touch them.

We Are Most Probably Flat Chested 

Just like our butt, our boobs are not there so if you look for us in clothes that need to show cleavage, you won't see us.

Now, I won't say this is the case for all skinny girls. There are those who I can dare to call grown, liberated, who would break all these 'rules' and still look like a dream! Even in their liberation, they sometimes have moments of doubts.

Before they got to the liberation stage, before they saw light, they were once here. I'm not there yet and I hope I soon will be.

It's my birthday today so let's sit back and watch the light that comes with 23, shall we?

Cheers to liberation!

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  1. 😍nice honey and happy belated birthday.

  2. Whichever way, We rock sakey 💃

  3. I tell myself that it's thin, thinner, Gift Wogu. I can totally relate with all you have listed up there.

    Happy birthday anniversary boo. Cheers to liberation!