YouTube, Blogmas, And Everything In Between

By Chisimdi's blog - December 06, 2019

Hey guys! So this has to be the most spontaneous blog post I have ever written! In the past, I think of my post weeks ahead, spend days writing, dumping, writing, dumping until I finally complete it. Next, I  create graphics on Canva before finally putting it up. Phew! So much! But this, I'm standing here typing, and hopefully, I'll do a quick graphic afterward and put it up right away!

First thing I want to talk about? I FINALLY have a YouTube channel! Yasss! Are you done clapping? I practically wanted to do this my whole life, but I either don't have a phone with a good camera, or I can't find a fine enough location to film. I also worry about what to make the video about; what to say and how to say what to say. Not like I have any of those yet, but I got started regardless!

Click here to see for yourself, and what I really look like (I know you are wondering!). I have two videos up so far, and I'd really like you to subscribe. Please click here to. It'd take a nanosecond, I promise. LOL. That's pretty much it for YouTube. I'd be visiting one of the biggest tourist centers in Lagos tomorrow, and I'll film the whole process. You don't want to miss that. Where? The picture below is a clue.

Blogmas? Well, I discovered there's something called Blogmas. The word, 'Blogmas' is the combination of Blog and Christmas. It means blogging every day until Christmas. For Youtube, it is Vlogmas. It means vlogging every day until Christmas. The posts are supposed to be Christmas themed but expect anything at all from me. No rules. No pressure.

Apart from all those, I've just been here. Chilling and freelancing. So, I'll be traveling home to the east from Lagos, and local girl can not wait. I'm flying for the first time in my entire life plus the 9 months I spent in the womb! I'll film the entire process and put it up on my Youtube channel. This is hoping I don't embarrass the entire Nzotta family.

Remember that time I had that embarrassing audio flight? LOL.
In case you missed it, here is a link to the post.

So guys, expect a post every day from me till Christmas. What's going on in your own end. Feeling the Christmas season yet?

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  1. I cannot promise anything as regards posting anywhere everyday, but I am guessing I will draw inspiration from you . Welcome to YouTube. We can't wait to watch you.