Ibidun Ighodalo: 5 Lessons From Her Death

By Chisimdi's blog - June 18, 2020

Days ago, the news of Ibidun Ighodalo's death made the rounds. Before her death, I didn’t know who she was. I thought how it was a pity that such a beautiful young woman was dead, and shrugged it off. Post after post, I would see people talking about her, and how much she had impacted their lives. It was then I paid attention. 

She was the founder of event planning company, Elizabeth R, a businesswoman, marriage counsellor, and also ran her non-profit Ibidun Ighodalo Foundation to support couples with fertility issues. The former Miss Lux and her husband Pastor Ituah Ighodalo of Trinity House Church Lagos celebrated their 13th Wedding anniversary in February. It was clear from her social media posts that they doted on themselves.

This is not going to be a religious neutral post, so if you aren’t a Christian or things like this make you uncomfortable, it's best if you stop reading now. Please enjoy my other intriguing posts.

Here are lessons to learn from the death of this epitome of kindness and love:

You can’t be too kind or love too much

It is very clear that love and kindness were Mrs. Ibidun Ighodalo's other names. You can tell from the posts people made for her, and it was clear by the posts on her page. 

If you read about her life, you will tell her life was very impactful. There were just so many people she had loved fiercely and helped like they had come from her womb. 

The tributes to her weren’t just the generic messages people leave for dead people all the time. They were unique, soulful, and heartfelt. You can tell there are only a few of her who have walked the earth.

Another peculiar thing was that she didn’t restrict her love and kindness to a particular class. She didn’t say, ‘oh, I should only help poor people. They need it the most.’ Neither did she say, ‘I should just stick to my class with this love and kindness thing.’ It was robust and well rounded. There was something for everyone. Even the rich people that could afford it, she looked out for.

Indeed, there is nothing like being too kind or too loving. Our creator is love and kindness. There's no overdose.

The good you do will live long after you are gone

When we are gone, we’ll all have things to be remembered for. Mrs. Ibidun Ighodalo was only 39, but there is no doubt people will always remember how good she was in the short time she lived. 

Women she had helped with their fertility struggles will see their child run across the room and think of her. The 'multitude' she had loved and shown kindness will think of her and be inspired to be better people.

People like me who never met her but only learnt about her after she was gone will have faith that there are good people out there, and strive to be one of them.

Tomorrow may never come

Beautiful, youthful, and happy, who would have thought she would die at 39? If someone who didn’t really lack material things, had a great relationship with God and led a seemingly happy life could die so soon, how about us?

True, we don’t like to talk about death. I don’t either. It’s not our portion like we famously say. However, it is a truth we can only run but can’t hide from. We will all die someday; some sooner, and others later. I think that if we always remember this, we will all lead a more intentional, godly, and quality life.

We all have paths to follow

We all are here for a reason. Beyond career, family, education, and all of that, it is our belief as Christians that we have a bigger purpose. If you don’t know it yet, search within you, and pray. When you find it, follow it so when you are gone, you can beat your chest in the great beyond, and like Beyoncé say, ‘I was here.’

We should take God more seriously 

Beyond the church, what our pastors say and what we have been told about God all our lives, we should build a personal relationship with God. This relationship will be between you and your creator. It will be different from ever relationship there is, has been, or will ever be, away from the world and what they think of you. We should all gear towards this. I always have.

Read to this point? You are the chosen one! LOL. Well done, GOAT. Please let me know what you think about this in the comment section. I’ll be there looking forward to interacting with you.

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  1. I read the posts too and even though I didn't know her personally, she touched a lot of lives.

    There is nothing like too much love.

  2. These are so true, I knew habout her a bit, but as she died I knew more, I saw myself crying so many times, people really loved her and she was really Selfless, it's shows that in this crazy world the good ones are still there, thanks for this great post!

  3. First-time visitor, and I just want to say that I love your blog.