Dear Creative, 9-5 or Freelancing?

By Chisimdi's blog - December 07, 2020

Having a creative skill makes it flexible enough for you to decide to work fulltime or to as a freelancer. You can deliver your creative skill online, so you don't need to be in a fixed environment to work.

Should you be a freelancer or pursue a 9 to 5?

There's no one answer fits all. There's one answer fits YOU and your reality. I hope this helps you find it.

If you work full time or have a 9 to 5, you are employed full time and typically get paid at the end of the month. As a freelancer, you sell your services to clients, rather than being employed full time.

Fulltime or freelancing, they both have one thing in common; neither of them is easy. You have to put in the work to get the desired result. 

Also remember, you don't have to be so rigid. Even if you change your mind later about having a 9-5 or being a freelancer, you can always make a switch. The problem is not changing your mind in the future, but not trying at all.

Freelance or full time? Which is best for you? Below are some factors to consider:

1. Both have advantages and disadvantages

Freelancing and full-time employment have good and bad sides. As a freelancer, you decide projects to and not to work on. You are your own boss. You set your own work ethics, target and generally call the shots. As a full-time worker, you work for someone, and as a result, it may not be so flexible. You have to work in line with your job description and the work ethics of your role.

However, working full time can be more stable than freelancing. As a freelancer, sometimes, you'll have an influx of clients and other times, you will almost consider moving to the village because there won't be clients.

These pathways have advantages and disadvantages. You have to consider your position and which option offers you more.

2 What's your career goal?

Sometimes, the right option for us doesn't have to to be the most comfortable option. What is your career aspiration? Do you want to start your own company in the future and need to work fulltime to learn the skills you need and network? Do want to make enough money to reach a financial goal and freelancing pays more?

Consider the goal and what option aligns more.

3. What is your work ethic?

Can you work on your own without supervision?  Does working full time limit you? Is working 9 to 5 your forte? Are you a team player or do you thrive alone?

Assess your strength and abilities to decide which aligns more with who you are. That said, there's no work ethic you can't build if you put your mind to it.

4 what is the long term game?

Do not always consider what is more convenient at the moment.

How about 5 years from now? What do you hope to achieve? Which is more likely to bring you closer to these achievements, freelancing or working full-time employment? What is the big picture? What is the best option for you in the long run? 

Play the long term game. Is working full time the best thing for you in the big picture? Is freelancing the goldmine? Think deeply, look beyond the present and make the right choice. 

Also remember, you don't have to be so rigid. Even if you change your mind later, you can always make a switch. The problem is not changing your mind in the future, but not trying at all.

Who said you can't do both? Some people have full-time employment and still run their freelancing by the side. There is no one shoe fits all. Just find out what fits YOU and like Nike said, #JustDoIt

Do you have a full time job or are you a freelancer? Tell me in the comment section!

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