How To Send A Cold Email

By Chisimdi's blog - May 23, 2021

A cold email is an email that is sent to a recipient who has no relationship with the sender. For this post, the primary goal of a cold email is to ask for job/business opportunities.

This is how to send cold emails that convert:

1. Research the recipient

Find out as many details as possible about the recipient of your email. Then make it clear in your email that you have done your research and know what they are about. It makes your email more personalized and convinces them that your interest is genuine.

2. Highlight your strength

If you had to choose between the PS4 and PS5, you’d most probably choose the PS5. Everyone naturally wants the best option available. 

Highlight your strength in your email. Sell yourself like the greatest salesman. Convince them that you are the PS5.

3. Be clear about your aim

Do not be vague or water down your aim. Come correct. Tell them what you want confidently.

You want a job position? You have an offer for them? You want to be a part of their new campaign? Don’t waste their time or yours. I’m sure they don’t read minds.

4. Include what they have to gain

Unless your recipient is a charity organization, they want something in return. If you are asking for a job position, talk about ways your skill can move their brand forward.

Convince them that they’ll be losing by not saying ‘yes’ to you.

5. Include Proof

Heard something about talk being cheap? I have too.

Anyone can claim to be an expert in their niche. Include proof that confirms you can do the work. It could be your CV, portfolio, reference, or sample of you doing something similar in the past.

6. Include a call to action

Now you’ve convinced them, include a call to action that tells them what to do next.

Should they give you a call or send you a DM on social media? Should they send a follow-up email? Or would you rather they invited you for a physical meeting?

Make the process easy!

A lot of dream jobs and great opportunities are not advertised. I have created FREE cold emailing templates and samples for you! I also included a guide to using them. Click HERE to download for FREE!

What is your dream job?

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