By Chisimdi's blog - November 03, 2016

Lately, a friend asked me,
"What kind of man would you like to get married to?"
"I don't know."
"Think!" He pressed on.
He listened patiently as I listed all the good qualities I could think of in a man. When I was done, he asked me something I had never thought of.
"If you are that man, would you get married to you?"
When I got home, I thought about this question. I wondered, 'If I was this perfect man, will I get married to a girl like me?' I thought about how I wasn't in any way near the best I can be and how I hadn't done anything to improve this. I thought about my impatience. I thought about how I love to procrastinate. I thought about how difficult it is for me to let go. I thought about how I love to make a joke out of almost everything. I thought about a lot of things and sadly, I found out the answer to the question wasn't 'yes'.
I have realised we want the best out of life. We endlessly talk about how we deserve the best and nothing less. But then, in whatever we seek, it's important to prepare ourselves for the best so the best too will desire us. My mother would always say, 'If you want to fly with the eagle, don't crawl with the chicken. '
We must find out if we have made ourselves fit for the best. Do you have the qualification for that dream job? Have you prepared yourself for that perfect spouse? Have you worked hard enough for that academic attainment? Have you put in enough effort for that life achievement? Have you disciplined yourself enough to drop that bad habit? More important than all, have you talked to God Almighty about the best which you desire?
Let's not leave the substance and pursue the shadow.
Have a great week!

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  1. Awesome perspective. Let's leave the shadow and hold on to the substance... Insightful

  2. Very nice perspective. It makes a lot of sense ☺