AMVCA 2020: The Worst Dressed Celebrities

By Chisimdi's blog - March 15, 2020

The African Magic Viewer's Choice Award (AMVCA) held hours ago, and as always, the attendee brought IT! The red carpet was studded with people who went over and above to serve looks. Boy, did elegance come to play? Glitz and glam were generously served with no care if we'd overdose.

That said, there are those who either missed the memo or aren't into the dress-up game. Some aren't guilty of the above. However, they tried too hard, their desperation resulted in a fashion faux pas.

Here is a list of our least favorite look for AMVCA 2020 in no order:

1. Gbemi O.O

In this smugly fitted white gown, it looks like she was dressing up, realised halfway she was late and ran off to the event that way. 
I've changed my mind. She probably thought they were headed to the beach.

2.    Antolecky

With a body like that, even if she wore rags, she'd still look good in it. However, Anto's look for AMVCA 2020 wasn't there. It is just like having an appetiser and waiting for the main meal, but it never comes.

3.    Harry Songs

He should lose the agbada and the turban or lose the shirt. Combined together, the outfit is highly conflicted. Like water and oil, they should not go together.

We don't forgive you for that canvas. You shouldn't forgive yourself.

4.    Frodd

In his defence, he wanted to represent his Igbo heritage and still look good for the AMVCA, no?

I can't wrap my head around what is going on with this outfit. I see he added velvet,  and isiagu to the cooking but all together, I don't know what meal it is.

Was it going to be a robe, but changed its mind and became something else?

5.    Diane

This outfit made it seem like attending AMVCA was a last minute decision.

The colour suites her but the fabric doesn't quite. It looks like it should be worn beneath the main outfit.

6.    Omotunde Adebowale

She was probably meant to be in the church immediately after AMVCA2020 so thought why not wear something that can work for church and AMCA? It works for church, but does it work for AMVCA? She thought wrong.


This outfit reminds me that you can have it all. That was what he was thinking when he was dressing up for AMVCA. He wanted to be the pastor and the pastor's wife. Why not? His mother told him he could be whatever!

8.    Pretty Mike of Lagos

His consistency is commendable. He loves the spotlight so much, he desperately tries to steal it. The spotlight doesn't like him as much.

9.    Cindy

Neckline, puffed hands and everything else, this outfit is outrightly ugly. Please lie to me that isn't a belt in front of it. Lie to me please.

10.    Omashola

We see what you were trying to do here. There's nothing wrong with being ambitious. You tried to kill it but ended up killing people whose skulls are attached to your outfit. May they find rest.

11.     Lala Akindoju

For a tea party (for lack of what to say) maybe, but for AMVCA 2020, this is a no. This is a never.

Special mention: Helen Paul

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  1. I love this.. good job dear

  2. 😂😂😂 The celebrities would probably cry after reading this. It is such a refreshing review .

  3. Nice one dear... But some of the outfits are that bad tho

  4. Lol..funny though but pity them small abeg.

  5. Hahaha,, some fashion re wonderfully disastrous